Professional Life

Professional Qualifications

Dawn has always had a natural creative talent and to those that know her well, she’s known as being a perfectionist with exceptional attention to detail. Dawn has academia in Art, Sociology and Psychology and extensive employment history prior to electrolysis in Business and Administration roles.

She further studied VTCT Beauty Therapy at Huddersfield’s White Rose Beauty College to enable her to access training with Sterex Electrolysis International Ltd.

In 2023, Dawn embarked on her new career, armed with the most up-to-date training in industry in Permanent Hair Removal. Dawn has further added VTCT Level 3 Electrolysis and VTCT Level 4 Advanced Electrolysis to her impressive portfolio of industry related qualifications. Dawn became further qualified to offer ‘Advanced Cosmetic Procedures’ in early 2024 and will be completing her VTCT Level 5 qualification in 2024. VTCT Level 5 is foundation degree level and currently the highest possible qualification an Electrolysis practitioner can hold in the UK.

Dawn is a fully qualified, insured and Local Authority licensed Electrolysis practitioner. Dawn is Covid-19 infection prevention compliant with medical grade sterilisation of tools. Dawn uses the Sterex-B epilator and Sterex products. Practising from a discrete home studio on the outskirts of Holmfirth, Dawn carries out appointments in a dedicated treatment room offering privacy on a 1:1 basis. Holme Electrolysis is proud to be a LGBTQIA+ safe space.

Personal Journey

Dawn’s journey with unwanted hair started 15 years ago…

‘’I had been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) around the age of 20. Years and years of plucking rogue hairs on my chin had amounted to nothing but much more, coarser, hair. Two dense patches of hairs of all colours on my chin. My jawline and my neck soon followed with new unwanted hair. I utterly despised not only how the hair made me hate my reflection but how it felt. I described it as ‘wire wool’ – it was thick and dense - and felt like the spiky side of Velcro. Sometimes it irritated my skin even more as it grew through, which left clusters of spots and rough areas of dry skin which all added to how ugly it made me feel. It was very much so stubble, which could no longer be kept up to with daily plucking and life commitments, so I succumbed to the razor for speed – which irritated my skin even more with how often I was using it. My days were spent obsessively checking I’d got every hair and stroking my chin and neck for imperfections, forever worrying that if anyone saw me in the wrong light or at the wrong angle – then ‘they’d know’. I was at my lowest and my mental health suffered. Being conscious of the hair consumed hours of my days. It was my hell.
During these years I had visited several GP’s countless times, each time leaving broken hearted with no answers. I was offered the contraceptive pill countless times, Eflornithine (Vaniqa) cream, laser hair removal, an overwhelming amount of leaflets pertaining to diet and exercise and the best one liner – ‘Well you don’t look like you have hirsutism’.

Oh don’t I? Well that’s nice. Do you not think I’ve spent the last 10+ years removing it over and over and over again and covering myself with make-up so no –one would know?!

I was furious at being fobbed off time and time again and being made to feel that I was ‘making a mountain out of a molehill’. I wasn’t prepared to accept there was nothing they could do or advise. Laser was forever their go-to answer, however I wasn’t the ideal candidate for this treatment as my hair colour wasn’t dark enough. Every option was either temporary or not actually a viable option at all.

Knowing the GP route was a losing battle I tirelessly researched hair removal methods but there was nothing at this time I hadn’t tried. I stumbled across Electrolysis as a new term on one of my regular frantic searches of the internet. It claimed to permanently remove any hair, regardless of colour – finally something that laser couldn’t boast and the only thing that was relevant for my hair colour. It was in those moments that I knew I didn’t care how long it took, how much it cost or how painful it may be - electrolysis sounded like the answer I had spent years searching for.

Fast-forward a few years… it was the answer I had been searching for and more.

I had to travel to have electrolysis. My practitioner actively listened more than any GP ever had and explained, thread to needle – everything electrolysis and how it would help.
The relief of being hair free after each session was simply amazing. Not having to shave day and night was a game changer. The weight that lifted from my heart with each treatment became more and more. In time I saw progress that made me trust the process. The visible results of thinning and disappearing hairs over time was just fantastic. As I was no longer plucking between sessions, my skin was able to repair itself and became smoother. The hairs are no longer there. The happiness electrolysis has given me is immeasurable.

I fell in love with the notion of being able to offer this feeling to others who were struggling with unwanted hair as I was, as I know just how much it can destroy a person’s confidence and affect their mental health. All aspects of life can be compromised and friends and family, with all the best intentions in the world, may never truly understand how an individual is affected in every aspect of their day from living with something they despise and have to hide.

Electrolysis totally changed my life. Receiving my treatment was the catalyst for changing my career and now I'd love to use my knowledge and skills to help you.

About Electrolysis

Electrolysis was founded in 1875 by ophthalmologist Dr Charles Michel. Today it is the only hair removal method that boasts 100% permanence – recognised by the British Medical Association (BMA). Essentially, electrolysis is the use of an ultra-fine probe (or needle) no bigger than the size of an eyelash, which is inserted into each individual hair follicle, where a tiny (potentially hundredth of a second) burst of energy targets the hair matrix and ‘bulge’ (both of which cause hair to grow and regenerate) and prevents nutrients feeding the hair at the dermal papilla (root of the hair). With consistent, regular repetition, the hair becomes finer and weaker. Over time, completely hair free results are obtained – permanently.